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River Clyde Fishing began at the start of 2010 by a few like minded anglers who wanted a place to share & discuss the fishing on our river along with any experiences we would have on any other venues around the country.

We will try and keep visitors up-to-date with all the angling news from the river along with other news from other venues, including coarse fishing, pike angling & sea fishing

Since those early years, the project has grown from strength to strength, especially on ‘The Forum’ where you will find years of tips & information from other ‘Clyde anglers’

The River has 4 clubs / associations that look after the fishing on the river.

Mid-Clyde Angling association, UCAPA Ltd, Lamington / District angling improvement association & Hozier.

The main tributary that runs into our river is controlled by 2 bodies …

The Upper Avon Angling Association & The Avon Angling Club.

Salmon / Sea Trout / Brown Trout / Grayling & a range of ‘Coarse’ species can be found all along the river, again, please check the Relevant ‘club’ pages for further details.

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On the River Clyde, Scotland.

Another year has passed ...

Once again, MidClyde anglers had some great fishing on their beat.

The 1st fish of the season was reported at the start of April by forum member Mark Lambert who managed a cracking fish on the fly .. See the fish here .

After this fish was reported it brought out the anglers onto MidClyde water and soon after more reports started to come in thick and fast .. THE Salmon had arrived !!!

Another highlight of the year was more reports of Clyde Barbel, its great to see these fish thriving in the Clyde system.

The most unfortunate incident on the river was in the Summer (July), after a long spell of  high temps & low river conditions.

Many fish were found dead down in the lower reaches of MidClyde water, the environment agency, SEPA investigated the incident … Midclyde’s information can be found here .


MidClyde ...

Some class this beat on the River Clyde as ‘Back-end’ water ...

Which is the case if no anglers go out and try to catch a UCAPA Salmon.

Anglers on the Clyde sometimes need to see a fish caught before they will venture out and try and get one for themselves.

With the fish counter & camera in-place at the fish ladder at Blantyre, fish are moving up through Midclyde water as early as May, obviously the conditions must be right to encourage the fish to run. (running fish)

The 1st reported forum fish from UCAPA controlled water was by our  member Billy who managed this nice fish on the fly, landed in August.

After this fish was reported anglers were out in force chasing a Salmon.

The Brown Trout on UCAPA water can be some of the best in the country with fish in the region of 3lb+ reported through the Summer months.



Both these clubs / associations offer some of the best Brown Trout fishing in the UK.

Check out the Lamington webpage here.

*** Hozier controlled water do not have any websites / free information to the public ***

Lamington & Hozier ...

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